ABCs of Health

The ABCs of Health was my Indiana University senior thesis exhibition. I spent two years of my undergrad studying Biology and two earning a BFA in Graphic Design, so it felt only right to combine my two passions, science and design, in my final college endeavor. 

As someone who's been in-and-out of doctor's office and hospitals growing up, I know how scary and intimidating the doctor can be for children. The ABCs of Health is a redesign of a child's pediatric waiting room experience. All materials were designed with the goal of engaging and exciting children, while teaching them about their health. All health-related topics featured in these materials were meant to educate children one step up from the basic learnings they've likely picked up at home, without being too intense or high-level. Pediatric office's that invest in the ABCs of Health offer children the chance to learn about their health and have an overall positive doctor's office visit through reading (print or digital), quizzing and coloring.